Pullet Rearing Cages


Stacked Pullet Rearing Cages

  • Standard cage sizes: 30″ wide x 26″ or 28” deep x 16″ high (other sizes available upon request)
  • 2 to 8 tiers high – with or without catwalk system
  • Sliding doors provide easy access and visibility to the birds – one hand operation
  • Swing in doors also available
  • Wire mesh or solid steel cage dividers
  • 1″ x 1″ or .5″ x 2″ wire mesh floors
  • Choice of all start tiers or combination of start/grow tiers
  • Galvanized After Weld 14 gauge wire mesh floors have proven to outlast ungalvanized mesh
  • Floor support system provides a walking effect reducing bird leg and foot injuries
  • All steel components are manufactured from commercial grade galvanized steel
  • Trough mounted step rail/bird cart guides (optional) help prevent damage to egg trays from bird carts

A-Frame Pullet Rearing Cages


  • The FDI A-Frame Pullet Rearing Cages share the same proven design characteristics as the FDI Stacked Cages
  • Two styles are available: low profile design w/ manure pass through or slant back cage design w/ manure drape
  • Both A-Frame designs can be tailored to fit existing deep or shallow pit houses
  • The feed trough is fastened outside the cage which eliminates entry by birds preventing droppings from contaminating the feed

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