Research Cages & Equipment

FDI Poultry Equipment has vast experience designing and manufacturing specialty and research cages for many of North America’s top colleges, universities, pharmaceutical companies and poultry genetic production companies.

Large scale single bird layer/AI breeder cages with spring loaded push in doors (sliding doors also available), automatic manure removal system, and automatic chain feeding. Available from 2 to 8 tiers with or without catwalk system.

Hanging layer cages for small scale research and teaching facilities.

“Enriched cages” with automatic chain feeding system and feed recovery systems used for feed trials.

Small scale breeder pens for genetic control research.

“Swing out” single bird cage door
doubles as a work platform for artificial insemination and bird inspection.

Hanging pullet rearing cages for small scale research and teaching facilities with removable feed trough for feed trials.

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