Egg Collection & Conveyance

The Two Bar Lowerator

The FDI Two Bar Hi-Volume Egg Collector offers all the same advantages of our standard eggvator as well as offering new features to ensure delicate egg handling.

Eggs from the 4″ cage belt are transferred to a short rod conveyor which is timed to deposit the eggs on the Two Bar cradle just as it reaches the level of the rod conveyor.

Eggs entering the Lowerator are traveling in the same direction as the soft plastic Two Bar cradle which allows for smooth transfer.

The Two Bar Lowerator, with timed loading, allows eggs to be loaded from all levels on each and every two bar cradle.

Transfer to the rod conveyor gently handles eggs without the use of rotating wheels or traditional fingers.

The exit point of the eggs may be set at any convenient level for either overhead rod conveyor or a collection tray for hand gathering.

The Two Bar Lowerator may be ordered to fit any and all cage makes,  models and configurations with a standard fixed speed or variable speed drive.


Egg Conveyance

Gentle Egg Handling Equipment
Equipment will fit most competitive poultry systems

Egg Elevators

  • Infinite widths available
  • Infinite heights for collections from multi storey breeder or cage free layer buildings 
  • Rubberized transfer rods and transfer parts engineered for gentle handling
  • Variable speed control

Rod Conveyor

  • 18″ or 20″ widths
  • Straight or curves (continuous curves up to 180 degrees)
  • Incline / declines from 0 to 22.5%
  • Mountable at floor or ceiling height or anywhere in between
  • Intermediate drive units available for long runs
  • Variable speed
  • PVC coated rods

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