Company Vision

For more than 50 years, FDI has offered a full line of poultry equipment ranging from layer and pullet cages and egg conveyance, to specialty systems for research farms, colleges and universities.

As Canada’s only full line poultry equipment manufacturer, we have a continued devotion to meet the requirements of our customers around the world.

In order to construct equipment of the highest quality, FDI manufactures all the primary components for its poultry equipment in the company’s specialized factory.

As well as offering support of our own equipment, FDI has the ability to provide alternate solutions and repair parts for most competitive equipment.

A sale is just the start of a relationship. By offering a product and listening to the customers’ requests, a system can be designed to meet the customers’ goals and objectives, whether they be cost efficiencies or special design characteristics.

We are committed to the continual improvement of our equipment and in charge of the quality of our products from start to finish.

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