FDI “Enrichable” Condo Layer Unit

Small Group “Condo Living” for Laying Hens

The FDI “Enrichable Condo Layer Unit” is available with:

  • 24″ wide x 26″ or 28″ deep x 18″ high compartments (standard)
  • 48″; 72″ and 144″ wide compartments are easily adjusted
  • Custom sizes available
  • 12′ sections with legs to the floor every 2 feet
  • 24″ wide horizontal sliding doors make for easy access and visibility to the birds – one hand operation
  • Spring loaded push in doors also available
  • Floors are constructed using proven 1″ x 2″ Galvanized After Weld (GAW) 14 gauge wire mesh
  • The design of the floors and floor support wires give the floors a walking effect reducing bird leg and foot injuries
  • Condos assemble in an uncomplicated procedure due to design characteristics. Fewer nuts, bolts, and special hardware are used in the assembly process, resulting in a lower installation cost

See “Products” for complete descriptions for cage feed systems, egg collection and conveyance, and cage manure handling.

FDI Enriched Condo Layer Unit

The “FDI Enrichable Condo Layer Unit” is easily converted to the “FDI Enriched Condo Layer Unit” without compromising the structural integrity of the unit.

Measurement: 144″ wide X 26″ or 28″ deep X 18″ high

The FDI Condo system is designed to easily add the required “Enriched” items which include dedicated nest area with curtains, nest pad, litter delivery systems with mat, perches, breast platers with claw shorteners. All enriched furnishings meet or exceed EU, UEP, and American Humane Association recommendations.

  1. Litter mat/scratch area with litter delivery auger.
  2. Curtained nest area with nest pad.
  3. Specially designed solid plastic perches are manufactured from non-porous PVC which will prevent parasite growth and shaped to imitate a natural habitat.
  4. Claw shorteners are installed and easily maintained on the egg guards (breast plate).
  5. Optional egg saver retaining system (not shown).

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